The Morning Show
Apple TV+ / Media Res

Drawing on our previous experience with HBO’s THE NEWSROOM, the Modern Motion Pictures team led by Dave Henri and Matt Brucell created all of the graphics and video elements for the show-within-the-show on Apple TV+’s flagship launch series, The Morning Show.

The “broadcast” elements of the show within the show were designed and created by our team, working alongside Production Designer John Paino.  The “broadcast” was produced live-for-live, intercutting 4 live cameras, adding graphic elements and video packages and cueing video wall transitions and elements changes per script.

The main studio set features 4 LED walls, 3 LCD Monitor Walls, 4 Live Cameras, and multiple rolling monitors.  The Control Room Set has a main wall with 20 monitors, plus numerous monitors hanging from the ceiling and mounted on other walls.  In all, the broadcast set on Stage 12 at Sony has over 150 monitors, fed by over fifty sources, including a broadcast switcher and a large Watchout system.

In addition, we used our internally developed program, Modern Phone, to realistically recreate phone graphics for use on set.  The program, which replicates real phone look and feel in a production-friendly, interactive and cueable graphic; is also available for license on other projects.

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