Drawing on our previous experience on the feature film FIRST MAN, we recreated 1960’s and 70’s era Mission Control at NASA for Apple TV+’s series, For All Mankind.

The historic MOCR set (Mission Operations Control Room) features 5 projection screens, several 24-frame CRT Televisions, and 70 console screens.  We recreated mission graphics for all of the screens and projectors, based on real NASA data and input from technical advisors Mike and Denise Okuda.

We worked with production designer Dan Bishop and the team at Background Images to create a “poor mans process” rear screen projection for command module and lunar module flights to the moon.  And we controlled all of the various digital gauges in both the CM and LM as well.

Modern Motion principals Dave Henri (L) and Chris Cundey (R) at the For All Mankind premiere in Westwood.

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