First Man
Universal Pictures

NASA Mission Control in the 1960’s. Interior of the Gemini XIII Capsule. Interior of the Apollo XI Lunar Module. These are dream assignments for any playback team.

We were thrilled to work alongside production designer Nathan Crowley to create all of the above for director Damien Chazelle’s upcoming “First Man”, starring Ryan Gosling.

For the Mission Control set, we utilized 5 rear-projectors to create the front wall and 45 computers to display historically accurate graphics on the projectors as well as the console screens at all the desks. ¬†The “bat cave” behind the projection wall was a live set, so all the projectors where carefully fitted to appear as though they were period accurate.

For capsule interiors, we actually used an array of iPhones and iPads to recreate many of the screens and digital clocks in the dashboard.  Everything was programmable and interactive, utilizing custom apps as well as our Modern Phone software.