We are Modern Motion Pictures.

A team of highly dedicated Designers, Coders, and Engineers;
creating Dynamic Custom Content for Film and Television Production.


Founders Dave Henri and Chris Cundey have over 40 years industry experience between them,
producing custom video, motion graphics, and mobile applications that work well on set and are both actor- and production-friendly.
Graphics Supervisor Matt Brucell has won 3 Emmy Awards for his Broadcast Graphic Design.

Dave Henri

On-Set Supervisor, Lead Designer, Video Director

Chris Cundey

On-Set Supervisor, Coding Guru, Video DP & Editor

Matt Brucell

Graphics Supervisor, Broadcast Graphics Designer


Design & Broadcast Graphics

We Design, Animate, and Code Custom Graphics for any screen in your production -- whether it's Phones and Tablets, Laptops and Computers, or TVs and Projection.

We also create Broadcast Graphics for Sports, News, Reality, and Scripted Content.

Modern Phone

We created our own, custom and proprietary app for Phones and Tablets on set.
Modern Phone is an extremely robust program that allows your actor to do any scripted action just as if the phone we live.

Say goodbye to burn-ins and hello to Modern Phone.


In addition to all of the content creation we're known for; we are also a
full service Computer & Video Playback house.
We have the crew and all the gear needed for any and all screens on your film or television set.

Stock Footage

We have traveled across the globe to shoot footage specifically for on-set video playback purposes (which works great for burn-ins, too!).
Our edited content features talent who are totally cleared for use, with no residuals required. Our clips are designed to loop seamlessly and look appropriate in any set.